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From backdrops, murals and other key design elements on film sets, Sepia Paint offers it all. A master painter specializing in scenic art, fine art, specialty finishes and more, we’ll help bring your vision to reality.

Our work is carried out to the highest standards and deadlines. Well versed in fine arts skills such as sketching, rendering, and painting, we also offer professional techniques such as marbling, ragging, and wood graining and texturing. Combined with our background in art history, period styles, motifs and architecture, we’re able to interpret designers’ small-scale ideas, and develop them into full-scale reproduction.

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Stunning results and always on time.

I had the privilege of working with Taize Powell on a few productions. Taize is adaptable, attentive and always curious. He always achieves the best finish for each job and he does  it effortlessly. When I would find myself in a bind I would consult Taize for guidance. He had an answer for many questions I may have had or the best strategies.

As co-workers, Taize is a riot, down to earth and easy to get along with without compromising any of the work. He’s focused, and driven. He radiates confidence, his laughter is contagious. He is always dependable.

Taize is a talented and skilled painter who goes above and beyond to get each and every job done with top quality and care as well as on time. He’s kind, funny down to earth but is always making sure that his work is completed. He’s a expert in the paint tradesman who is never afraid to take risks boldly to better himself.

-Tanysha Robinson